2014 Demo

by They All Float

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released March 22, 2014



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They All Float


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Track Name: Thumper
Knelt at your bedside,
Head in your hands
Praying away evils that you think you understand.
That might be me, that might be my upbringing, might be your understanding of the hatred you've been breeding
You forced your own blood to suffer a cycle,
Teaching a preaching and teaching bigotry.
Nurturing their nature for hurting one another.
Dying for our sins dying fearing them.
A simple sign of self regret could justify your strife
Are you proud of how time has aged you?
Are you proud of what your claims have made you?
All he asked for was forgiving love
Unconditional care from the roots not the sun
A promise a prayer, your grace, his care,
We won't suffer any longer.
Track Name: 0921
You left me when I needed you most
I know it wasn’t your fault, not at all
I was stuck wallowing in my misery
Never feeling closure, never feeling serenity
Your next of kin took you away saying it was sin
I wasn’t told you were gone, I was never let in
To this day I still can’t believe you’re gone
No conclusions, left in the dark.
Who knows how long till I see you again
I’d like to think you’re looking down at me
I’d like to think I’m making you proud
I'd like to think I'm living up to your legacy
I’d like to think I’m the man you’d want me to be
Track Name: Sunshower
South bound, healing hands beneath the clouds
Collect before your time runs out
Taken for how it felt
Gifted or granted, it still was hell
Barely broken, such thick skin
The labels, the love, and the lies we live in
Caught by the bay yielding wave by wave
The youth in me, begins to wane
A force so strong, to become so bold
As the last link between our blood went cold
Equate, recreate
Another year facing the wind
My body can take it but my mind might give in
Not a single point on a fucking globe
Could be far enough from what you call home
Our roads "diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both” of them
Less traveled by
Born to be seen and not be heard
The rain between the rays
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to turn
The sympathy between the honesty
That nobody knows but me
Nobody knows but me
The semantic satiation in my head
Track Name: Trails
The date and time may change, but everyday is still the same.
We're falling into the decline.
Sister may these diamond rings shine so bright you're blind to everything.
If you feel anything at all.
I'll lay down on my face and sleep covering my mouth.
Because I'm afraid the truth, the truth might come out.
As I await the day when it all might fade if it isn't already too late.
How am I supposed to become a hero?
If I haven't even become a man?
What's holding me back from running, what's keep me here.
I think it might be the same thing, that's kept me waiting for all these years.
So tell me I'm wrong.
But I refuse to believe there's no peace until we're gone.
At some point hope will reveal it's face again, but until then I'm treading water.
Bury myself. I will sustain. Bury myself. I will be free.